What is Rail PNR Status?
    Rail PNR Status is a free and easy way to keep update yourself about PNR status and train schedule by SMS and/or Email.
How it works?
  • You provide us PNR with mobile no and/or email id.
  • We start tracking your PNR status and Train schedule.
  • We notify you on any PNR status and Train schedule changes by SMS and/or Email.
Why is it required?
    Rail PNR Status serves the user by providing alerts on PNR status and Train Schedule changes. It eliminates user's efforts of frequent status checks.
Who are we?
  • We are an independent group of highly qualified and experienced Software professionals who went through this pain multiple times in the past. So we decided to solve the problem. And that's when Rail PNR Status is born.
  • To know more about us feel free to write us at railpnrstatus@gmail.com.